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Just moved into Portland area? You and thousands of others. If you’re looking for good places to eat, you’re in luck. The city has hundreds of quality eateries spread across the city. With so many food options though, how can you decide which one is best for you ? To become better acquainted with the city, check out this list of Portland’s finest eateries according to Yelp and Portland Eater. This is Part 2 of my list. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Part 1.

Pok Pok

Pok Pok probably has some of the best Thai food in all of Portland and maybe the state of Oregon. This, food cart-to-restaurant eatery serves some of the most flavorful Thai dishes in “street food style”. Portions are abundant, sticky, spicy, sweet, and overall delicious. According the to the Guardian, Pok Pok’s spicy fish sauce wings have built a cult following, so you might want to try those first.

Pine State Biscuits

Wow. Biscuits, sandwiches, meats, biscuits, sauces, and more biscuits. This spot serves some of the best biscuits in the Pacific Northwest. Biscuits are thick, rich, and flavorful. Each sandwich also has a seasoned over-easy egg that bursts into a wonderful sauce once you’ve taken a bite. Corndogs and breaded chicken sandwiches are phenomenal, and probably a good first choice if you’re visiting for the first time.

Nite Hawk Cafe and Lounge

Again, Portland loves its breakfast and brunches. For 85 years, Nite Hawk Cafe in Portland has served some of the best old-fashioned breakfast and brunches in the city. It’s classic Portland dining through and through, sticking out from many of the new eateries seen today. Try some of their chicken fries or waffles served all day.

Portland Lobster Co.

One of the few non-trendy, old Portland establishments on this list, Portland Lobster Co. is a great spot to experience Portland’s traditional seafood cuisine. The restaurant is right on the water, and allows you to bring your own lobster for cooking. Lobster is deliciously cooked and seasoned, serves with coleslaw, and corn potato. Try their coleslaw with a fine Portland craft beer from their extensive beerlist.

J’s Oyster

Give another whirl at old Portland in J’s Oyster. J’s offers a wide selection of raw seafood and shellfish that will have you coming back for more. The restaurant is not trendy, holding a wonderful traditional vibe. Of course, try their oysters, which is the restaurants go-to appetizer before the steamed lobster.

If you’re looking to move the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area, please, do yourself a favor and investigate the food. And please check out Change Realty–home of the 1% listing fee!–for current Portland Metro Area listings. More food recommendations to come.

Bill Gaffney