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Just moved into Portland area? You and thousands of others. If you’re looking for good places to eat, you’re in luck. The city has hundreds of quality eateries spread across the city. With so many food options though, how can you decide which one is best for you ? To become better acquainted with the city, check out this list of Portland’s finest eateries according to Yelp and Portland Eater.

Shutup and Eat

An idyllic sandwich shop in Portland, Shutup and Eat is the perfect place to get the perfect sandwich. With options like cheesesteaks, meatball subs, breakfast sandwiches, and their trademark Broad Street Bomber. You also have the option of having a salad with you sandwich, and while that sounds strange, it’s strongly recommended. This place makes their homemade dressing that is simply exquisite.

Screen Door

With over 3500 positive reviews on Yelp, this may be the Go-To spot if you’re looking for a great, reasonably priced meal. Portions are large, the food is delicious, and it’s all reasonably priced. Much of the food is southern cuisine, with a cajun/creole flare that is truly unique to Portland. Get the chicken and waffles for brunch, and you’ll probably come back for more.

Tasty and Sons

Tasty and Sons lives up to its tasty name. This spot is especially known for its breakfast and brunches that define Portland culture. Their chicken dishes are diverse and appetizing, but still oriented around the general breakfast/brunch concept. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their signature chocolate potato doughnut.


Andina has some of the most scrumptious South American/Andean cuisine in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a high-end favorite of the city’s pearl district, and can therefore be a little more on the pricey side. The restaurant has modern pacific northwest tastes incorporated into South American dishes like ceviche, piquillo peppers, and empanadas. Their tapas menu is wide and varied, making them one of Portland’s most recognizable restaurants at the moment.

Le Pigeon

Le Pigeon is one of the first restaurants to put Portland on the culinary map according to USAToday. Owned and managed by award-winning chef Gabe Rucker, this is a wonderful spot if you’re looking to impress a date on a fine restaurant outing. The restaurant focuses on traditional dishes, as well as some french cuisine, serving foie gras, and beef-cheek bourguignon. If you’re daring, try their specialty squab (young domestic pigeon).

If you’re looking to move the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area, please, do yourself a favor and investigate the food. And please check out Change Realty–home of the 1% listing fee!–for current Portland Metro Area listings. More food recommendations to come.


Bill Gaffney