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Once you’ve satisfied your savory tooth at one of Portland’s many outstanding restaurants, you may want to wander elsewhere to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fortunately, Portland’s got you covered. Whether it’s a post-dinner dessert or an early morning snack, Portland has some tasty options to bring to the table. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

Blue Star Donuts


So, Blue Star Donuts isn’t a Portland exclusive–additional locations can be found in Los Angeles and even Tokyo–but that doesn’t make this spot any less desirable to go to. The Blue Star motto is quality over quantity, and they’re not kidding around. The wonderful brioche dough recipe requires over 18 hours of hand-crafted love and is made fresh. Every. Single. Day. And the dough is only the beginning, when you can get such an exquisite variety of shapes and flavors: hard apple cider fritters, blueberry bourbon basil donuts, and buttermilk chocolate donuts, and more.

The Pie Spot


The savory pies here are can’t miss, but the subject of this blog is the sweets. The Pie Spot takes the personalized portion of the cupcake and brings it to the world of pie. Here you can buy yourself a little taste of paradise for just $4. You can get twists on classics like Bourbon Peach Cobbler and Brandy Apple Pie, but you can also find pies that are a bit more adventurous: Lemon Vanilla Bean, Marionberry, and Smores. Pies may be front-and-center here, but they have a whole slew of tasty baked good to offer. I recommend the giant Fruity Pebbles cookie.



There are frozen yogurt places and then there are frozen yogurt places that go above and beyond to offer friendly experiences, give customers unprecedented choice, and really strive to be a part of the community. As you might have guessed. TartBerry is the latter. It’s locally owned and the yogurt there is locally made. They offer a variety of regular, lactose-free, vegan, and sugar free yogurts and sorbets. The topping selections are huge, ranging from angel food cake to bacon chunks and cinnamon chips. Plus, they can even make frozen yogurt smoothies! Above all, the people who work at TartBerry are just amazing people.

What are some of your favorite dessert spots in Portland? Let me know on Twitter @BillGaffneyOR.

Bill Gaffney