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Entrepreneur & Owner

Bill Gaffney is a versatile and creative entrepreneur in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. Now the principal broker and owner of Change Realty, a groundbreaking real estate brokerage firm, which operates on a “1% listing fee” business model, Bill has been pursuing entrepreneurial ventures since he was a child.




Bill grew up observing his father manage his own company, Gaffney and Co., which supplied wholesale meats in San Francisco, CA. As a young aspiring businessman, Bill knew that he wanted to take the initiative (and possible risk) to create and oversee an enterprise of his own. He started out humbly, attaching supplies to his bike and washing cars around his neighborhood for a modest five-dollar fee. (This “small fee, high reward” model would later be echoed on a much bigger scale in Change Realty.) He then operated his own paper route for a few years before starting his higher education and working toward a professional career.

Bill took his entrepreneurship to the next level when he founded Change Realty in 2009. In just a few short years the company has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry, thanks to its superior customer service and of course the 1% listing fee.

In 2014 Change Realty was named by the Portland Business Journal as 52nd out of the top 100 fastest growing privately held companies in Oregon. In 2015, the company jumped to number 35 on the list.

Bill Gaffney founded Change Realty with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the real estate industry. As owner and principal broker of the company, Bill works every day to help people market their properties at prices that actually make sense.

Bill was born in Los Altos in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. He attended St. Mary’s College of California, where he studied business administration and economics and served as student body president from 1988-1989. Bill graduated from St. Mary’s with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989 and spent the next decade building a diverse career across multiple industries. Finally, in 2003, Bill decided to turn his attention solely to real estate.

Real estate had long been an interest of Bill’s; shortly after college he had stints as a “handyman” who fixed issues with real estate transactions. He also continuously helped his parents (who are not involved in the industry) manage their rental properties. Bill soon realized his business administration experience was ideal for improving the utility and marketability of local properties, so he pursued this full-time.

Bill became a broker in Oregon in 2003, the same year he became a managing member at Investment Properties of Oregon, LLC. He held this role for nearly a decade while also managing GAFCO Properties, LLC, which focused solely on apartment buildings. Bill spent many fulfilling and eye-opening years at these two firms before branching out and founding Change Realty.

Change Realty aims to do just what its name implies: change the excessive commission fees that are the norm in the industry.  After nearly two decades in real estate Bill understood the actual cost required to market a property, and thus the sustainable and affordable “1% to list” business model was put into place.  Unlike any other real estate brokerage firm in Oregon, Change Realty offers full service for just a 1% listing fee. Bill prides himself on charging less, but not doing less, so that every single client is able to utilize all services necessary to sell their house and retain more equity.

Bill has experience in multiple real estate niches, including property management, restoration, renovation, and conversion, marketing strategy and more. He is well known as one of the most innovative real estate leaders in Oregon, and the quick expansion of his company proves it. Change Realty was recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon for 2014 and 2015.